What participants said about our workshops
Educational Interpreter Ethics:  Don't Get Stuck in the DO++ DO++
"I appreciate that we didn't just go thru CPC, but had some new information.  Also presenters worked well together and it made workshops flow nicely!:
"They did a great job presenting theory and lessons that we can apply in our everyday interpreting and encouraged us to practice "safely" :)"
"Safe environment... learning made fun... AWESOME presenters"
"Loved the interactive aspect with other participants as well as instructors"
"You were right -- we had a lot of fun and the activities and visuals were great"
"This presentation was fabulous -- it was my first ASL workshop and it truly opened my eyes to many different things.  It was tough for me at times, but I absolutely loved it and I learned so much. Thank You"
"It was fun.  The humor helped me to stay focused."
Word? What Word? I Ain't Got No Words!
"The workshop activities were great. I like the resouces on the handout. I will use them." 
"Entertaining, learned to not always pick the same word, safe environment"
"The activity game was very thought provoking! The discussion made you think in all angles." 
How Do You Say That in "SAD"?
"Safe environment"
"Good mix of information and practice"
"This was one of the best organized and applicable workshops I have attended!  I have a lot of new knowledge as well as methods and resources to put the knowledge in my work. Outstanding!"
"Excellent! Have them back again! This is what workshops and KAI should be about!
"Comfortable, safe environment!! Loved doing breakdown and really looking at various affect within interpreting situation. Yeah! Practicing on own to ourselves!! Less nerve-wracking!
EIPA Written Test: What You Need to Know
"The amount of information provided in the form of handouts was a strength."
"It was very well organized -- and the information was helpful on the handouts to have it visually."
"Presenters were great! Gave a lot of insight & helpful info." 
"Lots of good information& discussion, which was great! This was a great experience -- it made me much more aware of what I need to study for the test -- maybe I don't know as much as I thought!"
Can You Lend A Hand? Matching What the Teacher Says so the Student Can Learn
"I feel that the Hands-on practice sessions were extremely valuable! Those sessions provided good feedback.  Having handouts to use was great."
"Emphasizing and discussing Bloom's Taxonomy before we ever started our work.  Learned to see how important teacher's goal was by using Bloom's.  Small groups, encouragement, seeing the different ways everyone signed the work.  This was a fantastic workshop.  Got more out of this than any workshop I have attended.  Thank you Judy & Carrie for all you've given us and for making this a safe environment!"
Letting Go of English: It's OK ASL Will Catch You
"Presenter's experience and knowledge is a strength.  Very well presented
"I loved the smaller groups and forcing us to get out of our regular spots -- encouraged more learning for me.  Easier to try in small groups and get feedback.  Right amount of breaks to keep us fresh. Thanks!" 
"It felt safe!" 
Do You Hear What I See? Giving Voice to Signing in Schools
"I felt safe even though I was out of my comfort zone.  Learned more than any other workshop."
Say What? Sign-to-Voice
"I really liked watching the video first, then being able to interpret.  I also really liked at the end going over it as a whole group and dissecting it.  I was able to know how I interpreted it instead of left hanging not knowing truly how I interpreted it.  Loved it!! Thanks"
"I love the safe envrionment.  I love having the two groups mixed together"
"Excellent job!  As challenging as voicing is, this workshop provided a safe way to practice"
"I so loved, hated and needed this workshop! Everything about it was beneficial and challenging! Thank you!"
You Can Be the MVP On the Educational Team
"This workshop has been VERY informative & helpful! It has also helped clarify some things!"
I definitely (sic) feel, going into the new school year, that I am a part of the team and that I do have rights."
"Well rounded. Touched on several areas of concern and gave practical suggestions on how to approach the situation."
"Presenters did an awesome job.  We learned so much this time on how to define the role of an educational interpreter without coming off as being arrogant."
"This workshop was very informative & enlightenign.  I loved the 6 character IEP scenario... Role playing and working out the poor EI's dilemma.  It was a lot of fun and yet we could seriously see some of our own "stuff" played out in the scenario.  Troubleshooting and problem solving together was really enlightening."
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