C & C Connection, LLC  has been in business since 2006 and in July of 2011 restructured and made some improvements.  C & C Connection, LLC is founded on 4 guiding principles: Commitment, Responsibility, Contribution & Authenticity.
We offer a wide variety of workshops and study groups specifically targeting educational interpreters and the skills needed in the classroom for a successful experience for all stakeholders. 
Educational interpreters have long been treated as less than important components in the educational setting.  In reality, they hold the key to a student's success or failure, not only in school, but for that student's life. Educational interpreters need to be very highly skilled and knowledgeable so they can provide the level of service DHH students deserve.  C & C Connection, LLC was founded to help provide that training for educational interpreters across the country.
Mission of C & C Connection, LLC
C & C Connection, LLC is committed to bringing authentic, responsible, communication and feedback to educational interpreters so that Deaf and Hard of Hearing children will have equal access to their education, just like their hearing peers.
Vision of C & C Connection, LLC
ALL educational interpreters are recognized as and function as professionals and provide equal access to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students they serve in the public school systems.
Owner Contact information:
Judy Cain, CI & Ed:K12
Central Indiana office
Judy has been a teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing since 1984 and a certified interpreter since 2000.  Her passion is watching DHH students succeed.  One way to help that success happen is to help educational interpreters improve their service delivery by improving their own skills and professionalism. 
Carrie Moore, CI & CT
Central Florida office

Carrie has been interpreting professionally since 1996 and has been a certified interpreter since 2001. She has much experience in mental health and performing arts.  She is fairly new to educational interpreting, but brings a passion to interpreting and training that is positively infectious.
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